Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breastfeeding Equals Titty-flashing in Georgia

I need to start this off by getting this out in the open:


Forest Park (a suburb of Atlanta) just enacted a law that makes breastfeeding your 2 year old in public a criminal offense.  I posted my little rant on my personal facebook page and it drew over 120 comments. They were either migraine inducing or comedy gold.  I can't do justice to this "discussion" without screenshots, so I'm posting some of the best/worst for your enjoyment.  There was an overwhelming majority of thoughtful and accurate posts concerning breastfeeding, far too many for me to include here.

One of my best friends suggested this law may, in fact, protect nursing moms. Forest Park is not exactly the safest city in Georgia.

I appreciated that a couple of people mentioned early on that they were not exposed to breastfeeding for most of their lives and may have felt differently about this law (and breastfeeding in general) before they had kids.


I also know a few comedians.

The following post struck a nerve:

It struck such a deep nerve that several of my friends are STILL bringing it up.

Hey, this is me:

I wish I had a master's degree so I could make better arguments. ;-)

I hope the following commenter (who I love dearly, like my own little sister) is not one day blessed with a child who didn't read the book on age appropriate milestones.  I know I've had to learn the hard way that Klaw will do things on his own time...wobbling or not.  I just don't tell our pediatrician that he won't hold his bottle. (To be fair, she does think the law is stupid)

I feel sorry for all of the moms with early walkers:

Head, meet desk:

Please, keep it from the innocent children:

Gotta love a little touch of the rational:

Probably my favorite (definitely the most colorful) comment & response from the entire thread:

Or maybe this was it (remember those comedians I mentioned?):

Point of fact: I will probably not take my shirt off when bailing someone out of jail.

I do have a list of people to randomly flash the next time I see them...

assuming they are still speaking to me.